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Thank you Al's junk removal for helping us clean out our attic and basement we couldn't believe how much stuff we had piled up over the years. Your guys helped us so much, they were professional, energetic and fast. We would definitely use them again... 

Jennifer and Mark Stewart
Morristown, NJ

After hurricane Sandy my back yard literarily looked like a war zone, so I called Al's Junk Removal to help me with this situation. They were amazingly responsible and professional. Great to work with.. 

Christopher Tully
Seaside Heights, NJ

I had a very old piano that was given to me by a relative. It has been sitting in my living room for about 10 years. I finally decided to get rid of it. So I called Al's junk removal they were efficient and friendly I would definitely use them again.. 

Vanessa P.
Rockaway, NJ

I didn't realize how much junk we had until me and my wife started moving into out new house. So we called Al's Junk Removal. They were fast and hard working. Best if all they have affordable pricing. 

Daniel C. 
Chester, NJ

Me and my family were on vacation when I get a phone call from my neighbor saying that my house was on fire. When we get home we say that it was a portion of the house that got damaged. So I started asked my friend on facebook for recommendations and I was referral to Al'S Junk Removal. I decided to call them for the clean up they did a wonderful job. I would definitely recommend them. Thank so much. 

Jane Mowery
Randolph, NJ

My basement got flooded by the heavy rain from hurricane Sandy. A lot of my stuff got damaged so a friend of mine recommended Al's Junk Removal. They did an excellent job. 

Mauricio Gomez
Dover, NJ

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